Terminal Service Plus

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TsPlus = Terminal Service Plus.          [ The Best Citrix Alternative. ]

Alternative to Windows Terminal Service ,   Windows Remote Desktop.

Eg. :  Can execute  SAP Business One in a cloud / Windows server , Up to 40 - 50 user.*

Benefit :

  • Ease to use , high performance and more economical
  • TsPlus Server can be installed in Windows XP, 7, 8, 10,  Windows Server
  • No need to buy Windows Terminal Service CAL
  • Support : 32 bit color, dual screen, bi directional sound, USB device.
  • Flexible Application Control :  per user or group
  • Fast file transfer from PC to TS Plus Server
  • Can do remote printing using TsPlus Universal Printer
  • Secure : Firewall, Encryption , Server drives are hidden
  • Seamless Application Publishing and RemoteApp (such as Citrix)
  • HTML5 technology in Android and iPad
  • Make your windows app become Web-enabled without code rewriting.
  • Using Java, HTML5 , you can run Windows apps in  your browser  directly on your Android,iPad, Mac devices